Numéro 01 — Manila [Sold Out]

Asphalt Chronicles #01
Manila, Philippines
June 2014


Numéro 01 — Manila [Sold Out]

In the Philippines, Basketball isn't just a game; it's life!

Filipinos eat, drink, & dream basketball. You will find people talking, watching, & playing hoops everywhere, from the cluttered, shanty streets of Manila, the country's capital, to one of the world's most beautiful islands of Boracay.

Basketball made its way to the territory when the Americans set up military bases in the Philippines during World War I. They taught the game to the locals, who quickly embraced it & engrained it into their daily lives...


24 pages
24 photographs by Kevin Couliau
5 playgrounds in Manila

Offset CMYK printing, manufactured in the UK.

The magazine is wrapped in a transparent envelope with an exclusive Pantone + Silver Ink postcard, everything hand sealed with a custom wax logo.